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Key holding

You can registes us as your nominated key holders, so that the emergency service have our details and we can deal with any incidents on your behalf, whatever the time, day or night.


  • Quarterly insurance checks with report.
  • Monthly insurance checks with report.
  • Fortnightly insurance checks with report.
  • Weekly insurance checks with report. Weekly freshen.


When you have completed on your newly purchased holiday you can’t always be arround to collect your keys at a time to suit you and the Agent, so we are here and can collect them for you.
We can arrange a locksmith it needed and get keys at to your nwe home should you need them.


  • Keys delivery or access to your property to manage all may be requiered.
  • Be part of e·masovers community which gives access to all our services.


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we keep the key to your property to get to where you want!

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we have designed a series of services thinking of you, and your family, your holidays

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We know that relaxation can have 1.000 definitions, this is why we want to hear your tastes

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