where we come from? where are we going?


From the respect and admiration for the figure of the Catalan countryside, born project ofe-masovers, inspired by the masovers adapted to the world of yesterday and today 2.0.

Our personal and professional experience is what has led us to take this step to propose a comprehensive set of services for second homes.

There are many things that are difficult to carry out in a house where there alive. Both Marta and the Nagore fully aware, and long ago in one way or another they exercise as a masovers.

Marta knows well the house of empordà. She has extensive experience in project management, coordination of professionals, budget control, keys holding… their customers often have to make her own arrangements beyond reform: mail collection, review of supply proposals leisure and culture … it becomes a benchmark for the people coming here to spend their relaxing days. In her can rely on. She also manages rural houses and apartments. They are always ready to receive visitors!

Nagore has experience in location spaces for film shootings. And also guarded many key properties for visits with the director to coordinate inputs and outputs decorators, props, lighting technicians, sound, actors, producers … to transform them into film sets, filming a few scenes and later again left them with the form and initial state. She has also spent many years raising and lowering of Barcelona in weekends… She knows exactly what is to eager to disconnect Friday and had to manage a thousand and one details pending: dinner, bed linens, garden…

Why masovers? Because it is a figure closely tied to the land. Also because it is a profession in itself, it is the realization of various trades … “There is much work at the Mas!” There they say. And homes of the present need attention very diversified: cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, boiler … every house is different and has its peculiarities.

Why 2.0? Because the traditional masover took care of the land in exchange for a third bed and a percentage of profits from the harvest, but thanks to networking, communications and technological advances, today, is not always necessary but at the same residence to take care of it. And the collaborative work is also an upward trend: not everyone can do everything. We need to know who does what and do it well.

These are our values:

  • Quality and flexibility in service: doing well and your size.
  • Confidentiality: because we want to let go with all tranquility.
  • Honesty and integrity: we exercise our professionalism with all guarantees.
  • Team spirit: for best results in everything we do.
  • Passion: for Empordà and Costa Brava and our work..

Marta and Nagore