Do you know the different types of farmhouses?

masie catalana emporda

We love this picture with some kind of farmhouses can be found in Catalonia and in the Emporda and Costa Brava. Depending on how the finished elements of the façade, and roof type or vertical layout of the floors, can distinguish up to 7 different types of farmhouses:

  1. Small farmhouses or high mountain: the cover that drains to the main front and subsequent. Most single ones.

  2. Farmhouses medium and common: these are what we see hereAlso covered of two aspects, but in this case it drains to the side walls.

  3. Large farmhouses or manor houses: these are beginning to take a more stately. They have porches and galleries deck is built on four sides.

  4. Farmhouses with tower: typical of coastal areas, the tower was used to keep watch the attacks of pirates.

  5. Farmhouses basilicales: have two side sections and a central higher.

  6. Farmhouses of vineyard: in addition to the main house, they have other complementary buildings around a central garden.

  7. Indian colonial farmhouses: with rich finishes and exterior ornamentation inspired by models of constructions brought from America.


And you, what do you like most?

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masia emporda masia basilical masia gran masia indiana masia mitjana


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